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We pride ourselves in exceeding customer satisfaction and expectation with every interaction between our employees, internal stakeholders and external customers. We even go as far as to exceed prospective customers, expectations and this has helped us to constantly grow our client base and business network.


Through our industry related experience and expertise accompanied by our use of technology we reduce the opportunity cost of our clients, improve their efficiency, create long-term personal relationships and create customer lock-on.

Due to market saturation and the strong barriers to entry in the commercial vehicle repair industry we differentiate ourselves in the following ways: 



Here at Interbilt Truck Repairs cc we realise the implication that our customers are faced with due to the loss of a commercial asset. Thus through the use of technology, equipment and operational processes we are able to deliver industry leading turnaround time to our customers of only 10 working days since approval by insurance providers. This minimises the financial implications that they are faced with.





At our disposal we have dynamic individuals within the organisation with a vast amount of industry related experience and expertise. Our employees are dedicated to exceed customer expectation through service delivery. Through the dedication of our personnel we strive to build long term personal relationships with our customers.

Our employees go through a series of rigorous tests and evaluations before they can become a member of the family. This enables top management to secure the service of only the finest of professionals. Due to the quality of our personnel we are able to ensure workmanship that is of factory standard. Thus the relevance of our company mantra: “Quality Through Excellence”.





At Interbilt Truck Repairs we see each customer as being different. Because we recognise and acknowledge each customer as an individual, and individuals have unique needs we offer our customers tailored and personalised products and services





Over time the value of a customer grows, and the value of an organisation to its customers becomes irreplaceable. At Interbilt Truck Repairs we utilise a large percentage of our resources at getting involved with customers at the inception or introduction phase of their business or organisation. This allows us to build long term sustainable relationships and create customer lock-on through our service delivery.


By dedicating resources to customers in the introductory phase of their business lifecycle we aim to ensure their growth and survival within the industry and their targeted market segment.





Through innovation, our flexibility and creativity we constantly seek opportunities and gaps within the market to exploit and utilise, and strive to offer each individual with unique needs a tailored service.





These methods include the use of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube. “#Interbiltrucks”





All our work on commercial vehicles and trailers are done in-house in either one of our two state of the art facilities. At our disposal we have approximately 10 000 square meters of floor space. Within our two facilities are some of the finest and most advanced technology and equipment available within the commercial vehicle repair industry. We rely on the use of our equipment to ensure work is completed with precision, to eliminate returns and ensure factory standard quality.



Our solutions enable us to cover the entire value chain, and through our strategic alliance and partnerships we can provide customers with the solutions that they require no matter the complexity of their needs.