Interbilt Truck Repairs specialises in commercial vehicle auto body work. We ensure extended life and wellbeing of commercial vehicles. We have some of the most experienced and well trained individuals in the industry within our ranks.

We set ourselves extremely high standards and do not accept anything less than perfection in everything we do, thus we ensure precision workmanship that enables commercial vehicle manufacturers’ vehicles even if these vehicles are still under factory warranty, without slightest possibility of a client running the risk of forfeiting is factory warranty. We ensure that our clients receive their vehicles within 10 working days after approval from their insurance providers.


We conduct services on any type of commercial vehicle or bus. With the expertise and experience of our well trained technicians and staff members we are able to work on all major commercial vehicle manufacturers and brands with ease. We are experts within the American commercial vehicle manufacturer field.


At Interbilt Truck Repairs cc we are in the fortunate position to have some of the best spray painters in the industry within our large workforce. These individuals have the necessary experience and expertise to deliver consistent quality and products to our clients.

Our spray painters have an industry leading paint booth large enough to fit commercial vehicle. This includes a truck with its trailer or a bus. The spray booth is heated, includes a heated paint facility room and has ovens in which the paint can bake. These ovens also enable our painters to increase productivity and shorten lead times. We make use of a Hurrican Aerolite Spray-booth. Hurricane spray-booths are faking the market by storm, this is largely due to the meticulous attention to detail and exceptional quality.


Here at Interbilt Truck Repairs cc we have at our disposal the services of an in-house graphic design team. These individuals have all the equipment and technology at their disposal to design, develop and execute any desire. These individuals have the capabilities to brand and customise any commercial vehicles and trailer to our client specifications and set standards.

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