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Interbilt Truck Repairs cc was established in 1999 by Mr. Jaco van Zyl Interbilt’s current Managing Director. Mr. Riaan Harmse who takes up the position of Technical Director was also involved with the organisation from its inception, and has grown in stature from an young man to a Director of the largest commercial vehicle repair companies in the country.

Our offices are located in Bapsfontein, with two state of the art facilities. We at Interbilt specialise in commercial vehicle recovery, towing and repairs. We are also renowned for our vehicle customisation capabilities. As an organisation we have explored a number of lucrative opportunities to further differentiate ourselves from our competition and gain more market share.


These opportunities have the capabilities to revolutionise the commercial vehicle industry within South Africa and the rest of the continent.

We strive to be the best and serve our customers needs with quality and precision. The quality attained in our service delivery is achieved through the excellent capabilities, exdpertise and experience of our staff members.

This publication is dedicated to provide you with as much information as possible regarding Interbilt Truck Repairs cc. The purpose is to allow for better understanding of what we as an organisation stand for and pride ourselves on. It will also create a clear image of our values, beliefs, services and value proposition and help us further differentiate ourselves from our competition.

Interbilt Truck Repairs cc started with a feeling back in 1999. I identified an opportunity in the market and together with our investors dedicated a proportion of monetary and personal resources towards the establishment and building of the company. Since our inception we have attained steady growth, and today we are recognised as a leading firm within the commercial vehicle repair industry.

Our vision is to pursue constant growth in the coming years and punch the envelope. We are making good strides in de-commoditising the industry, and growing our market share. Our offices comprise of a diverse and dedicated work team with a common goal. We all share the same vision, we spend a considerable amount of time speaking and listening to current and prospective customers. This helps us to better understand and fully appreciate the true value of their needs and expectation, and enables us to deliver innovative and customised solutions to every unique need and exceed customer satisfaction.

At Interbilt Truck Repairs cc we ensure service delivery of the highest order due to our customer-centred approach, attention to detail dedication for perfection. We are able to achieve such feats through our workmanship, in-house technologies, equipment, resources and experience.

I hope that in reading sections that follow will provoke the same level enthusiasm and stimulate interest and confidence regarding our business, people and services. We live and breathe our business mantra:

“Quality Through Excellence.”







Mr Jaco van Zyl

Managing Director - Interbilt Truck Repair